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General terms and conditions


I. Contract overview

According to the contract, the service of ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH company includes the punctual and safe transport of the agreed upon number of passengers including their luggage to their final destination. Other services such as a personal, privately chauffered trip or the provision of a certain type of vehicle must be agreed upon separately and is possible to reserve upon booking the trip.

§1 Completion of contract
The contract of transport is completed once a customer or travel agent´s booking is received and ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS has confirmed the booking in written format.
If ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS confirms the booking in a slightly varying format, the confirmation will be considered as a new proposal. It is important to note that if the customer does not wish to accept the proposal, s/he must decline the new proposal within 10 days; Otherwise this new proposal stands valid and will be considered to be confirmed and final.

§2 Subject matter of contract
The transport services will be fulfilled according to the description in the written confirmation by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS. Upon receival of the written confirmation by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS, prices are not subject to change.

Additional oral agreements are only binding after a written confirmation.
The content of the services comprises the agreement of the completed transportation booking and its specific conditions – which may be one of the following categories:

If ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS receives a booking with no specifications, the booking will be understood as a single ticket for 1 person, one-way, in the classic category under this quoted price. The other forms of transportation (Express and Exclusive Shuttle) may be agreed upon with an extra charge.

The planning of the schedule – especially the departure times from the accomodation facility – is exclusively reserved to ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS. Therefore, the usual duration of the transportation, the check-in conditions of the flight company, as well as the conditions of the collective shuttle bus are taken into account. Weather and traffic conditions, as well as any other external conditions may lead to changes in the schedule with short notice.
The arrival time of the client as quoted in the booking is binding upon booking the confirmation. Changes, cancellations as well as long delays  must be communicated immediately to ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS via telephone or in a written format such as email. Text messages and voicemail will not be considered binding. Non-observance and failure to complete mentioned conditions nullifies the passenger´s right to transport and invalidates any right to a refund of the ticket price.

The customer/travel agency is obliged to communicate changes in the booking which occur after receiving the written confirmation of ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS immediately in a written format. If the customer fails to communicate changes s/he is not entitled to be transported. Changes in the booking are considered as a cancellation, and will be followed by a new booking and will need to be confirmed in a written form by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS.

For unusual circumstances such as a strike of pilots or air traffic controllers or unfavourable weather conditions Allgäu Airport Express cannot be held responsible.

The arrival time of the shuttle bus to the airport takes place in conjunction with the departure time of the flight quoted by the customer or the travel agency. ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS calculates the departure time of the shuttle bus from the bus stop in such a way, that 1.5 hours for the Check-In will be added to the travel time.

§3 Rates

The ticket price is calculated according to the ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS currently valid price list and needs to be confirmed in a written form by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS.

The full ticket price must be paid upon receival of the booking confirmation, or, at latest upon boarding the bus.

ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS office may provide information about the various possible payment choices upon booking upon demand.

Included in the ticket price are the transport of one suit-case and one piece of hand luggage per passenger. Additional luggage or bulky luggage (golfing or ski equipment, pets etc.) must be declared upon booking the reservation and will be charged an extra fee. It is possible that there may be no available space to transport additional luggage which has not been declared.

§4 Change of reservation/Cancellation

Both contract partners are entitled to cancel the transport contract at any time. The cancellation of the transport contract by the customer or travel agency must be communicated to ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS in a written format. The date ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS receives the cancellation is considered to be the final date of cancellation. Following fees are to be paid in case of cancellation:  ( per ticket )

Change of reservation with short notice (up to 24 hours prior to journey): free of charge
Change of reservation less than 24 hours prior to journey : not possible
Eventual price difference from original ticket to changed ticket is due for payment prior to change. Lower prices are not subject to be refunded. It is only possible to change one ticket once.

Cancellation up to 24 hours prior to journey: 10,--Euro / ticket
Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to journey: 15,--Euro / ticket
Cancellation within 12 hours before departure is not possible.

Tickets with a value of  17 € and less per person will not be refunded due to the high administration costs involved.

Partial Ticket refund or partial ticket re-booking requests cannot be considered. There are no changes or refund possibilities at all after the travel date has expired.

§5 Liability

ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS is liable with respect to the duty of care of a merchant for the diligent preparation and orderly performance of the transport service stated in the contract. As far as there exists insurance coverage within the framework of compulsory indemnity insurance, ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS is liable according to the framework of the legal regulations in the case of damage. In cases where the damage is not covered by indemnity insurance, the financial liability of ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS is restricted to the triple amount of the agreed upon ticket price in the contract.
Apart from that, ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS is only liable in cases of intention and gross negligence.

ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS is not liable for the consequences caused by delays, delayed arrival of aircrafts, cancelled aircrafts, missed connections (independent if it is for air, train or bus connections), strikes, unpredictable traffic flow, traffic jams or Force Majeur.

The departure times at Memmingen Airport might change. Allgaeu Airport Express cannot be held responsible for eventually missed connections.

If any complaints concerning the service may arise, the customer is obliged to communicate directly with ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS immediately in writing, however max. 24 hours  after the transportation, otherwise all claims are void.

§6 General clauses

In case of the ineffectiveness of one of the mentioned clauses, the validity of the contract as a whole is not compromised.
Court of arbitration is Memmingen.