General Terms

and Conditions

Scope of Contract:
The contractual services of ALLGAEU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH include the safe transport of the agreed number of passengers including their luggage to the final destination. Other services such as individual transfer or provision of a specific type of vehicle must be agreed upon separately and requested as special offer.

§1 Conclusion of contract
The transport contract is only concluded upon written confirmation. If ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS only confirms the customer's registration in a different form, this confirmation is to be considered a new offer. If the customer does not wish to accept this offer, he/she must reject it within 10 days, otherwise the offer is considered accepted.

§2 Content of contract
The transport service results from the description of the written confirmation by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH. After receipt of the written confirmation by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH, price changes are excluded.

Verbal side agreements are only binding after written confirmation.
The content of the services are in particular also the agreements on the execution of the booked type of transfer and its stated conditions.
The price offers are considered in each case - unless explicitly requested and agreed otherwise - as tariffs for a single journey, per person.

Other forms of transfer (express and exclusive single transfer) can be mutually agreed upon at extra cost.

The schedule of the timetable - especially the pick-up times from the accommodation - is the sole responsibility of ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH. Amongst others, the usual travel time, the check-in regulations of the airlines and possibly the conditions of our collective shuttle are taken into account. Weather and traffic conditions as well as other circumstances can lead to changes in the timetable at short notice.

The arrival time stated at the time of booking is binding upon booking confirmation. We cannot accept SMS and mailbox messages as binding. In case of non-observance, the claim for transport expires without refund of the transport fee.

The travel agencies are obliged to inform us immediately in writing of any changes in bookings that occur after receipt of the written confirmation from ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS. Failure to do so will invalidate our obligation to transport the passengers. Rebookings are to be treated as cancellations with subsequent new bookings and require the written confirmation by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH.

The Allgäu Airport Express is not liable for exceptional situations such as intense traffic, traffic jams, flight delays, flight diversions, flight cancellations, pilot or air traffic controller strikes or bad weather conditions. Allgäu Airport Express GmbH calculates 1.5 hours for check-in plus the estimated travel time to the airport. In case of private transfers, the pickup of guests at their accommodation may change up to one day before departure. A pick-up time deviating from the confirmation will then be announced at the domicile address or at the customer's home by telephone.

§3 Fare
The fare is based on the current price list and requires written confirmation by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH.

The fare is payable in full upon receipt of the booking confirmation, but at the latest before the start of the journey.

Please ask our reservation office for the various payment options.

The fare includes the carriage of one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person. Additional or bulky baggage (golf or ski baggage, small animals, etc.) must be declared at the time of reservation and may be subject to additional charges. Unregistered luggage may not be transported.

§4 Change of reservation / cancellation
Both contracting parties are entitled to withdraw from the transport contract at any time. Withdrawal from the transport contract by the customer/travel agency must generally be notified in writing to ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH. The date of receipt by ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH is decisive for the time of withdrawal:

Rebooking up to 24 hours prior to departure is free of charge. (No rebooking less than 24 hours prior to departure is possible.) At most one rebooking per ticket is possible free of charge.
Discounted tickets with a value of less than 10 € per person are excempted from rebooking.

Cancellation fees up to 24 hours before departure 10,--Euro / ticket
Cancellation fees less than 24 hours before departure 15,--Euro / ticket
Cancellation within 12 hours prior to the booked departure is not possible.

Tickets with a value of 17 € or less per person will not be refunded due to the high administrative costs involved.

A partial refund or partial rebooking of a ticket is not possible. Refund requests arriving after the booked date of travel will not be considered.

§5 Liability
ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH is liable within the scope of the duty of care of a prudent businessman for the conscientious preparation and proper provision of the contractually agreed transport service. As far as insurance cover exists within the scope of the statutory liability insurance, ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH is liable to the customer in the event of damage within the scope of the statutory regulations. As far as liability insurance is not required, the liability of ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH is limited to a maximum of three times the contractually agreed total fare.

ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS GmbH is only liable for intent and severe negligence.

ALLGÄU AIRPORT EXPRESS is not liable for the consequences of delays caused by unforeseeable traffic density, flight delays, flight diversions, flight cancellations, delays caused by CORONA tests, missed connecting flights (flight, train or bus), air traffic controller strikes, traffic jams or force majeure.

The departure times from Memmingen Airport may change at short notice. Allgäu Airport Express GmbH is not liable for any missed connections.

The customer is obliged to inform us in writing of any complaints about the service immediately, but at the latest within 24 hours after the arrival of the booked tour at its destination, otherwise any claims will be forfeited.

§6 General provision
Should one of the above provisions be ineffective, the validity of this contract as a whole shall not be affected.

Court of arbitration is Memmingen, Germany.