Tariff and conditions of carriage


The following tariff conditions apply to the bus routes of the Allgäu-Airport-Express GmbH from Munich to Allgäu Airport Memmingen and return, operated by Allgäu-Airport-Express GmbH, Frühlingstr. 2, 87719 Mindelheim (hereinafter referred to as Allgäu-Airport-Express) or by its contractual partners.

1. Tickets
Only single tickets valid for the journey indicated on the ticket are sold. Each valid ticket entitles the holder to one seat on the booked journey. Tickets sold in advance are issued by name and are not transferable.

1.1 Purchase of tickets
Tickets can be purchased on the bus from the bus driver or via Internet in advance. Tickets can also be purchased from resellers through their distribution channels.

When booking via the Internet, the following security systems are applicable: PCI certification, verified by Visa, Mastercard Secure Code.

Your account will be charged immediately upon completion of the booking by credit card / PayPal. There must be no minimum or maximum limit on your valid credit card. Only VISA or MasterCard are accepted, no PRE-Paid or EC cards.

1.2 Handling of tickets
When entering the bus, the ticket must be shown to the driver for inspection. The passenger must prove his identity in an appropriate manner. Tickets must be available for inspection by the staff of Allgäu-Airport-Express up to the end of the journey.

1.3 Fine
The passenger who is not able to provide a valid ticket during the ticket check is obliged to pay a fine amounting to twice the standard fare, but at least € 40.00. In addition, the passenger without a valid ticket is obliged to give his personal details and has to identify himself upon request.

If the passenger can prove in a suitable manner that he or she was in possession of a valid ticket and that this ticket could not be used by another person, the fine may be waived.

1.4 Change / refund / cancellation of tickets
Change of tickets is free of charge up to 24 hours before departure (no change is possible less than 24 hours before departure). However, the price of the newly booked trip may not exceed the value of the originally booked ticket at the time of rebooking. Eventual price differences will not be refunded.

Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours prior to the departure of the booked tour against a cancellation fee of € 10.00 per ticket. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the departure are subject to a fee of 15,00 € per ticket. Cancellations within 12 hours prior to departure are unfortunately not possible.

Tickets with a value of less than 17,00 € per person will not be refunded.

Refund or change of booking requests need to be requested in writing or by e-mail to info@aaexpress.de. Refund requests received after the booked travel date will not be considered.

2 Methods of payment
Tickets purchsed on the bus from the driver can be paid in EURO. The staff will accept notes up to 50,00 € , change is subject to availability. Depending on availability, cashless means of payment can also be accepted.

Payment for purchase via the Internet is by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or PayPal.
Resellers can determine their own payment methods.

3 Fares
The fares for cash sales are based on the current prices as published on the Allgäu-Airport-Express website.

4 Transportation of children and infants
Children from 0 - 2 years of age travel free of charge . Children from the age of 3 to 12 years need a children's ticket. Infants without a ticket are not entitled to a seat.

5 Luggage
Each passenger is entitled to one piece of hand luggage in the passenger compartment and one suitcase in the trunk free of charge. If space is available, additional pieces of luggage can be taken along in the luggage compartment. Tickets for additional luggage can be purchased from the driver. Herefore the price for bulky luggage as published is applicable per extra piece.

5.1 Nature of luggage
Hand baggage must not exceed the maximum size of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Hand baggage must be securely stowed in the baggage rack above the seats or under the seat.

The entire luggage must be adequately packed, for example in suitcases, bags or other appropriate containers which can be exposed to normal and transportable stress. Fragile items in particular must be properly packed for transportation. Allgäu-Airport-Express is not liable for damage to fragile items. Each piece of luggage, which is to be transported in the luggage compartment, must be marked on the outside with the name, address and telephone number of the passenger for identification.

Bulky luggage such as bicycles, skis, golf clubs etc. must be registered in advance and paid for separately. Bulky luggage is transported in the luggage compartment/trunk.
The transportation of bulky luggage without prior notification may be refused by the bus driver.

5.2 Prams, bicycles, bulky luggage
Prams are considered as luggage and are subject to the above regulations.
The acceptance of bicycles is at the discretion of Allgäu-Airport-Express and need to be approved for transportation prio to the tour date.

5.3 Animals
Small animals in containers are considered as luggage and are subject to the above regulations. The carriage of larger animals that are not transported in a suitable container is not permitted. Excepted from this are guide dogs for the blind and dogs of passengers who are specially permitted to be accompanied by a dog free of charge. The passenger remains responsible for his animal and remains in its custody.

5.4 Dangerous and Inappropriate Luggage
Under no circumstances may the luggage contain objects that could expose the coach, other passengers or the carrier's staff to any kind of danger. Neither may the luggage disturb the other passengers by its appearance, smell or dimensions.

5.5 Right of inspection
For security reasons Allgäu-Airport-Express is allowed to inspect the luggage of the passenger. In case of the passenger's denial, Allgäu-Airport-Express is entitled to refuse to transport the luggage.

5.6 Right of refusal
Allgäu-Airport-Express is entitled to refuse any luggage that does not meet the above conditions. Should the passenger decide not to travel due to this refusal, Allgäu-Airport-Express cannot be held responsible for this. The entire travel price remains owed.

5.7 Lost or abandoned luggage, lost property 

Left luggage or other lost property will be stored by Allgäu-Airport-Express at the company headquarters for one month. They can be picked up there by the passenger. Sending or taking them by bus for collection is subject to the free agreement between passenger and Allgäu-Airport-Express. Allgäu-Airport-Express will charge a reasonable expense for this. After expiry of the one-month period, Allgäu-Airport-Express can dispose or sell the items. 

Allgäu-Airport-Express tries to contact the passenger to inform him/her about the left behind object. If the luggage item does not carry the proper identfication tag, the Allgäu-Airport-Express is not obliged to make further inquiries. The safekeeping of objects can be charged with 2,00 € per day started. Should a passenger request the return of an item, he has to prove its ownership in an appropriate way.

5.8 Obligation of examination
The passenger is obliged to check before departure that his/her luggage has been properly stowed. On arrival at the destination, the passenger undertakes to take back his / her luggage immediately. Furthermore, the passenger is obliged to check short-term changes in the timetable via the Internet. Changes in the timetable may occur up to 24 hours before departure.

5.9 Liability
Allgäu-Airport-Express is not liable for the theft, loss or damage of luggage which the passenger has taken on board. The passenger is obliged to take care of his hand luggage.

Allgäu-Airport-Express is only liable for baggage transported in the luggage compartment in the event of intent or gross negligence. The liability of Allgäu-Airport-Express is limited to maximum 3 times the value of the ticket price.

6 Exclusion of claims for compensation
Deviations from timetables up to and including cancellations of journeys due to traffic conditions, operational disruptions or interruptions cannot be completely ruled out by Allgäu-Airport-Express. In particular, it cannot be guaranteed that certain departures or connections will be reached. In this respect, no claims for compensation beyond the price of the ticket are justified by deviations from the timetable or cancellations. Allgäu-Airport-Express tries to adjust the capacity of the vehicle to the demand at any time. Should the capacity of the vehicle not meet the demand, there is no obligation to carry passengers without advance booking.